What is Ham Radio Cebu, Inc. ( HRC )?

Ham Radio Cebu, Inc. (HRC, Inc) is an . . . See More

Is joining HRC right for me?

If you have the heart of volunteerism and the passion for radio communications, you are welcome to join us.

How to join HRC?

New members first attend an orientation, fill-up application form, and attend at least Radio 101 seminar.

Affiliate, Associate, Regular, and Executive Memberships available.

Attend meetings, activities, and pay members’ annual dues.

Why members pay annual dues?

Just like how a government of a country needs the citizens to pay taxes, an organization needs money for operational and organizational expenses to effectively function as an organization. The expenses, for example, are club license renewal, repeater license, repeater operations and maintenance.

How to get an Amateur Radio Station License and Callsign?

First step, it is highly recommended to join any Amateur Radio Club like HRC, Inc., to guide you with the process, help you on reviews, train you to be a responsible and capable Radio Amateur, and support your journey to be a Licensed Amateur Radio Communications Responder.

Why teach Antenna Making?

Antenna is a crucial part of a radio station that is responsible in converting Electrical Signal to RF Electro-Magnetic Waves, and vice-versa. Antenna Making is an effective learning process to better understand the Antenna.

Why teach non-amateur radio operators how to use radio?

A Radio Amateur is friendly and progressive. We help them educate the proper and better ways instead of admonishing them on lack of knowledge. We believe teaching is twice learning.

Why join civic activities?

A Radio Amateur is patriotic. Serving the community with the knowledge and skills of an Amateur Radio Communications Responder is simple act of patriotism. The service is a form of gratitude to our nation for granting us the privileges of a licensed Radio Amateur.

What is RETT-Ph?

Rapid Emergency Telecommunications Team (RETT) – is defined operationally as a rapid deployment team equipped with ICT resources: both human and equipment.

Rapid Emergency Telecommunications Team (RETT) functions as a rapid deployment team of the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) of the Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) . The team will ensure integrated communication flow from the regional down o the local level and vice-versa.

HRC, Inc is an institutional member of RETT-Ph.

Why join RETT-Ph?

HRC is affiliated to PARA, Inc.. HRC fully supports PARA’s H.E.R.O program. RETT-Ph enjoins the HRC culture of furthering the level of commitment on the Amateur Radio Service for the nation. As a member, HRC, Inc., is recognized as a partner for Disaster Resiliency through rapid, responsible, and capable emergency communications service, taking advantage of training, equipments, and passion in Radio Communications.

During fair times, HRC amateur activities, can also be viewed as capacity building exercise, and it can be tremendously inspired and motivated, knowing that someday it can save lives when it is needed.

Why create four communications response teams?

Amihan, Sentral, Habagat, and Maui Communications Response Teams are created to improve organizational efficiency, operations preparedness, familiarity by localization, and localized unit teamwork. Local team harmonizes the levels of coordination with Local Government Units, Villages, and Neighborhood.

What should I do if I have some concerns and complaints to other members and of the organization?

All organizations are subject to the Laws of the Land, and of its own Articles of Incorporation and By-laws.

The proper way to address your grievances is through a written letter of complaint, stating the nature of the complaint and allegations, what laws or rules were wronged, and the evidences to justify the allegations.

Careless whispers and insinuations leaves a bad taste of the mouth.

Remembering a quote “…your freedom ends where someone else’s freedom starts…”

What should I do if I would like quit my membership?

As gesture of respect and gratitude to friendships, you may send your written letter of intent to any sitting officers of the club. We will thank you in return and continue our friendship.

A Radio Amateur is friendly.